Jade Gemstone Ordinals Collection: A Simple Start Guide

Jade ARdinals
3 min readJan 8, 2024


Step into the vibrant and intriguing world of Jade Gemstones, a realm where Bitcoin meets unique digital artistry. This beginner-friendly guide is designed to smoothly navigate you through the process of becoming a part of the Jade Gemstone Ordinals collection community.

Taproot BTC wallet setup

To work with Ordinals, you need a wallet that supports P2TR (Pay-to-TapRoot) addresses. Taproot addresses enable more efficient transactions with lower fees, and all Ordinals use taproot. Our FairLaunch platform supports these wallets:

Just one of these wallet plugins needs to be installed in your browser. Here’s how to set up Unisat. If you use a different wallet, switch to a taproot address in a similar way.

Setting Up Unisat Wallet in Chrome

Click “Add to Chrome” to download and install Unisat Wallet.

Click “Create new wallet,” set a password, then write down your 12 security keys and keep them in a secret place. Handwrite the keys on paper and avoid storing them online for security.

Create a Taproot (P2TR) wallet.

You’ll get a wallet address starting with bc1p…, indicating successful creation.

Copy your Taproot (P2TR) address and type into next field in whitelist type form with the link from next step👇

Whitelist Registration

The opportunity to purchase Jade Gemstones during the FairLaunch is exclusively available to those who register through our whitelist form. 🔗👈🏻 To do this, simply visit the form and fill in the required fields, including your P2TR Bitcoin address. Tutorial to whitelist typeform can be found here — https://jade-ordinals.medium.com/how-to-register-for-jade-gemstones-whitelist-3b7c6610c31b

Preparing sufficient BTC in Your Wallet

Before purchasing Jade Gemstones, ensure your wallet contains enough Bitcoin (BTC) to cover both the gemstone price and transaction fees. You have two options for adding BTC to your wallet: You can either buy BTC directly within the wallet using the built-in Moonpay provider, or you can transfer BTC from any cryptocurrency exchange to your UniSat wallet address. It’s important to check that your balance is sufficient to cover all costs, including the fees, to ensure a seamless buying experience.

Purchasing on the launchpad

To purchase Jade Gemstones during our FairLaunch, first connect your wallet on our website.🔗👈🏻 If your wallet is whitelisted, a ‘Buy’ button will become active at the start of the FairLaunch. You will have the option to either send BTC to the specified address or your wallet will initiate a transaction that you’ll need to sign. After the transaction is executed, the corresponding amount of Jade Tickets will be sent to you.